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From Michael Davey <>
Subject Re: core/ and check_pgrep
Date Wed, 09 Jun 2004 08:23:23 GMT
Adam R. B. Jack wrote:

>>what about the "type" command/built-in?  Can we assume that either the
>>python execute command will always execute the command in bash or find
>>the "type" executable?
>Nice idea. Not sure it is portable enough (for Microsoft) to be quite worth
>the effort, but maybe. I suspect there is a way to search a path for an
>executable, and that is how we ought implement it. Mind you, I could easily
>live w/ a *nix flavour that works nicer than Microsoft, since most of our
>big serves are *Nix.
We could always fall back on the current way of doing things if the test 
I'll look at a patch to do this.

>>>One things I dislike about
>>>pgrep is it doesn't kill grandchildren (a perfectly good attribute out
>>>outside of computing) -- so only kills the child shell, not even the main
>>>program below. That all said, it stops Gump from hanging.
>>;) If you ensure that the group id is set for all children, then
>>wouldn't a pgrep -g id do the trick?  I don't know how you would achieve
>>that with python, but in C you would use setgid(id);
>I once looked into group ids, thinking they might be the answer, but
>didn't/don't know enough about them to come up with a plan. I suspect that
>some fork/exec, along with this, and with popenN could do it (again, for
>*Nix) but I've not had time to work it out.
group ids generally and setgid() (or maybe it is setpgrp()) specifically 
are explained well in "Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment 
(APC)" by W.Richard Stevens, published by Addison Wesley.  I no longer 
have access to a copy.

>Maybe we could write some test modules to do this stuff (portably) and test
>them in unit tests, and then work them in.
Good plan.  Might be worth downloading the sample source and see if there 
are any examples of this.


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