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Subject [Gump Wiki] New: ArtifactRepository
Date Wed, 09 Jun 2004 12:53:07 GMT
   Date: 2004-06-09T05:53:07
   Editor: <>
   Wiki: Gump Wiki
   Page: ArtifactRepository

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New Page:

= Artifact Repository =

/!\  '''WORK IN PROGRESS''' /!\

/!\  '''WORK IN PROGRESS''' /!\

/!\  '''WORK IN PROGRESS''' /!\

/!\  '''WORK IN PROGRESS''' /!\

Please don't waste your time reading this... *yet*

 I am saving this regularly (and working on it in background) 'cos when I
went to go get HelpOnFormatting the brower window chosen was this one, and
despite attempts to be back/reload, I lost my in-memory edits.

/!\  '''WORK IN PROGRESS''' /!\

/!\  '''WORK IN PROGRESS''' /!\

/!\  '''WORK IN PROGRESS''' /!\

/!\  '''WORK IN PROGRESS''' /!\

== Overview ==

Gump generates and consumes artifacts. Providing access to the artefact repository that Gump
produces has a number of benefits. Providing Gump with access to alternate artifact repositories
(not just it's packaged projects area) has yet more.


== Gump Artifact Repository ==

Gump currently generates artefacts and stores them in a hierarchical directory structure,
ala ASF Repository Format (more Maven Repository Format w/o the .MD5s 'yet'). These artifacts
can be made available online, and become available for "cascading Gumps" to download.

== Gump Accessing Artifacts ==

Gump currently takes "packages" from it's local repository of installed packages. This is
a manually maintained 'repository', with manual metadata changes made to poitn to these entries.

=== Metadata ===

Gump recognized CVS and SVN repositories (that contain source code/projects). Adding a third
'Artifact' repository is proposed:

=== Depot ===

[ Apache Depot] has one tool for downloading artifacts.

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