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Subject [Gump Wiki] New: SolarisConfig
Date Wed, 02 Jun 2004 20:48:32 GMT
   Date: 2004-06-02T13:48:32
   Editor: <>
   Wiki: Gump Wiki
   Page: SolarisConfig


New Page:

= Random notes on PythonGump install on Solaris =

This is most definately a work in progress

== Solaris ==

Install the following:

  Python 2.2 or better from ActiveState.  The version of Python on the SunFreeware disk does
not include SAX support and the version of PyXML I tried (0.8.3) seems to make some bad assumptions
(in particular, it assumes that gcc will be at the location it was when python was installed
- which is not true as SFW python is supplied in binary form)

  Apache webserver from the SunFreeware disk or from

  CVS from the SunFreeware disk or from

  subversion from the SunFreeware disk or from

  If your server does not have a graphics card, you will also need to install Xvfb from the
SunFreeware disk

  You may also want to install lynx, curl, htdate, sudo and vim

=== Create gump user ===

 * {{{create and share the directory/mount point /share/gump}}}
 * {{{useradd -d /share/gump -s /bin/bash -G staff gump}}}
 * {{{passwd gump xxxxxxxx}}} (preferably with something more imaginative than xxxxxxxx for
the password)
 * {{{chown gump:gump /share/gump}}}

=== Other prereqs ===

 * Apache Forrest:
   * {{{cd /usr/local}}}
   * {{{cvs -d checkout xml-forrest}}} (at
time of writting we need CVS HEAD)
   * {{{export JAVA_HOME=/usr/j2se}}}
   * {{{cd xml-forrest}}}
   * {{{./}}}
   * {{{cd ..}}}
   * {{{mv xml-forrest/build/dist/shbat forrest}}}
   * {{{rm -rf xml-forrest}}}
   * {{{share /usr/local/forrest as /share/forrest}}
   * '''Note''': FORREST_HOME will be exported and added to the PATH in step 4

 * Apache Maven:
   * {{{cd /usr/local}}}
   * Download [ Maven] to /tmp (select .tar.gz
   * {{{tar -xzf /tmp/maven-1.0-rc2.tar.gz}}}
   * {{{mv maven-1.0-rc2 maven}}}
   * {{{share /usr/local/maven as /share/maven}}
   * '''Note''': MAVEN_HOME will be exported and added to the PATH in step 4

=== Gump Setup ===

The rest of thes document refers to the configuration for ''.  This
host is not configured for multiple flavours.

Set up /share/gump/gump/[flavour]/..., the first flavour being public:

 * set CVSROOT per [
Gump Getting Started]
 * {{{mkdir -p /share/gump/gump/}}}
 * {{{cd /share/gump/gump/}}}
 * {{{cvs login}}}
 * {{{cvs checkout gump}}}
 * create/edit {{{`hostname`.xml}}}, that is: {{{enterprize.xml}}}
<workspace name="enterprize-public"

        <property name="build.sysclasspath" value="only"/>
        <sysproperty name="java.awt.headless" value="true"/>

        <profile href="profile/gump.xml"/>
 * install packages in {{{/share/gump/gump-installed}}} [shared, not under 'flavour'], after
first diligently clicking on license agreements as required.
 * create/edit {{{/share/gump/}}}:
# Note: These next three are for and obsoleted
# for (which reads them from the workspace).
export GUMP=/share/gump/gump
export GUMP_WS=/share/gump/gump/work
export GUMP_LOG_DIR=/share/gump/gumphome/log

export JAVA_HOME=/usr/j2se
export CLASSPATH=$JAVA_HOME/lib/tools.jar
export PATH=$PATH:$JAVA_HOME/bin

export FORREST_HOME=/share/forrest

export MAVEN_HOME=/share/maven
 * create/edit /home/gump/.bash_profile:
 {{{set -o vi
umask 002
. /share/gump/
 * add this crontab entry:
 {{{0 0 * * * cd /share/gump/gump; /bin/bash
 * add the following to {{{/etc/apache/httpd.conf}}} immediately after all the other Aliases:
 {{{Alias /gump/ /share/gump/gumphome/logs

<Directory /share/gump/gumphome/logs>
     Options Indexes MultiViews
     AllowOverride None
     Order allow,deny
     Allow from all
 * {{{/etc/init.d/apache restart}}}
 * logoff, logon as gump, and run some tests:
 {{{cd /usr/local/gump/public/gump/python
export PYTHONPATH=`pwd`
which python
which cvs
python gump/ -w ../enterprize.xml all --debug
python gump/ -w ../enterprize.xml all --debug

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