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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: commons-compress - Gump/Maven issues?
Date Mon, 21 Jun 2004 21:55:27 GMT
> My conclusion is that the maven scenario is very similar to the magic
> scenario.  To do real integration you need to be able do to something
> like set some special property so that magic or maven can take control
> over classloader definition in the knowledge that the build is a gump
> build (i.e. effects the repository cache that is used and the semantics
> concerning artifact handling).  That means providing the current cache
> of artifact that have been generated so that magic or maven can map
> dependency reference to artifact in gumps cache.

It could go either way (Gump exposes it's repository of fresh artifacts to a
builder, or builder exposes a mechanism [e.g. CLASSPATH] which Gump
provides.) I like the idea of Gump maintaining a repository (as it does)
that it provides to builders that are aware of such things.

That said, if builder present standard mechanisms (like Ant does, like Maven
might -- see ongoing discussion) I don't see why Gump doesn't support them.



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