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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Gump work-in-progress (CleanUp branch)
Date Thu, 17 Jun 2004 16:50:54 GMT
I've been struggling with Gump performance issues for months now. That is
'clogs up' (on large workspaces) has continually hampered usage & (frankly)
my progress .

I've turned over every rock that comes to my mind, but I keep failing. I've
been getting pretty frustrated with Python (I find it somewhat immature in
inspection/tuning) -- I've been very frustrated with my abilities (I likely
don't have the experience with Python to figure things out) -- and I've been
ultra frustrated with environmental issues. Since I can only cause the
slowdown on large projects (small ones go fast) it is those monsters I have
to get inside, and I need to do that remotely.

All this has basically hampered my progress, stopped me moving on with new
features/functions ('cos I clearly didn't have a true grasp of the basics.)

I started to add a bunch of __del__ (destructor) overrides, so I could
explicitly break circular links. I believe Python was failing to garbage
collect because it needed a hand with these. I can't prove that, but I felt
it. So, I started the 'Clean-Up' branch to work on cleaning up memory,
trying to avoid clog up. That is how I started down this path, which is now
quite a lot more than CleanUp...

When I found that the SAX to Python object code was slowed by something
minor I added (for no clear reason) I just lost it! I was building on sand
(at least in my knowledge). So (not that DOM is pretty/thin) but I had to
move to it, to simplify things & get control. Since we streamed SAX into
memory, I saw no harm. [I don't think our problem is memory usage, so much
as memory management.] For once, I felt good about ripping out clever code
and adding pedestrian code ... I just needed controlled.

Along the way I decided that moving to Python 2.3 (the latest/greatest bug
fixed release per was smart. If there were GC implementation
fixes, that is where I'd find them. Also, it allowed me to use the boolean
type & get away from 0 & 1. It felt a lot cleaner to be on Python 2.3. [I
added code to allow usage of /usr/bin/python2.3 interpreter, in case (like
on gump.try) on has RHEL.]

I started to feel 'bold and brave'. I started work on calling Depot to
download jars (kinda like we download code via CVS/SVN). I'll wiki more of
this, and I'll mail here. I have some final things to resolve, but I am
finally getting there. This is huge (for me) this is what I want to be
working on...

At the same time the Forrest folk divided to do some major (copyless) work,
and they removed the ability to pass work/site location parameters to the
batch file. Gump used these. Since I've not managed to install Forrest into
TomCat (when I once tried it failed, and the Forrest guys were too busy w/
"copyless" to fix it), I started to feel the same pain as others. I finally
decided I could cope no longer with the *effectively mandatory* Forrest
dependency for Gump. The inability for Gump to generate pages w/o Forrest
was too much. As it now stands Gump's page generator can now generate XHTML
or XDOCS. The XHTML isn't pretty, but with a little CSS it is perfectly
adequate [and we get colours again, as it looks w/ might w/ Forrest also].
Basically XDOCS and XHTML are similar enough that I can if/else
sufficiently. Take a look at:

At the same time I decided to add the 'view as you go' ability Sam had been
looking for. I need to optimise it (I think the buildLog.html|buildLog.xml
page generation is fat) but it works. As of now, the site gets updated as it

I've added/changed other stuff, but minor things (in comparison). I do like
how branching allows me to make bold moves; I think the nightly/continual
builds were causing me too much stress & slowing down my progress. I know
I've broken a bunch of things along the way (the DOM change was non-trivial
& I have bugs w/ 'merge' & duplicates and such) but I'll work through those.

My goal is to install this (on Gump.try, then probably on Brutus, possibly
w/ JDK1.4 -- but to move to JDK 1.5 when stable) -- and work out the issues.
There are issues, but I feel I am seeing light at the end of the tunnel. I
won't attempt any merge back into the main branch until I've resolved them
all/worked through them w/ folks here.


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