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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: Jira and Gump (Re: Fw: brutus)
Date Wed, 09 Jun 2004 15:53:05 GMT
> > I couldn't agree more. JIRA has to help us smooth out the inflow.
> <delurk>
> Can you elaborate on this?  I'm rewriting JIRA's email templates at the
> moment, so am interested in that general area..

I don't think I was meaning anything more perceptive than JIRA is a good
TODOs list, but I have felt swamped with Gump TODOs recently (we have too
many fun ideas I'd love to find time to do) and I've overstretched my
abilities, and felt overwhelmed. [At least, before I took some days off.
:) ] Basically, JIRA *ought* (if we use discipline) be the repository for
prioritised TODOs, and our 'intray' for tasks. I really ought not do
anything other than what it in JIRA. I need to get that discipline,  and I
think the public sharing of tasks/to-dos would be in keeping w/ OSS

BTW: I'd kinda like to see 'nag e-mails' from JIRA. Like: "this task has
been waiting a significant time, please either complete it, or assign it to
the pool, or somebody else". Along with that (and for what we'd like here)
we'd like a different group of potential worker per sub-component (in this
case managing the Gump hardware). It'd be nice to have nags to the group
about things sitting in a pool for them.

If we all would read our JIRA dashboard each day we'd not need this, but
that is like expecting folks to read their Gump WWW page each day. Not
feasible. I think in the distributed world of open source nobody has time to
read any WWW site ('cos there are always N). As such , nags e-mails or



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