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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Gump integration with Maven
Date Thu, 13 May 2004 11:56:31 GMT
On Wed, 12 May 2004, Brett Porter <> wrote:

> I was finding myself a bit confused by the gump talk in context of
> Maven, especially with all the different spellings of artifact :)

In German it's Artefakt - hard to unlearn 8-)

> So, to sum up this point: I think gump should have just one id for a
> project,

What about projects that produce multiple jars?

> If this needes to be done alongside ant projects, I'll leave it up
> to the gump folk to decide how this is best treated.

I'm not sure whether I parse this correctly.  There will always be
projects that want to be built by Maven but depend on things that have
not been built by Maven.  So we'll have to make up some ids - or use
those that have been made up by others.

> Next, to building projects with maven inside gump, which is
> happening now. I think a file is being generated
> per project, and wanted to suggest the generation of an all
> encompassing jar override file in the user home
> directory.

Sounds interesting.

> The downside to this, is I imagine a bunch of Maven plugins will
> freak out at more recent versions of Jelly or other things, and this
> could hold up this part for a while to fix it.

<tongue-in-cheek>Aren't you going to release Maven and the plugins
rather soon?  Wouldn't you want your plugins to work with latest

Seriously, since we are trying to get things working in the first
place, we may be better of with using a more conservative approach and
switch to the mode you propose here later - once we have a working

> The current ant based bootstrap uses an ant task to do the first
> build of a maven core, using a set of known dependencies. It then
> uses this installation to build all the plugins, and finally it
> rebuilds maven completely using maven.  At this last step, the jar
> overrides would kick in and maven would be completely built using a
> latest JAR maven.

Sounds OK to me.


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