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From Stephen McConnell <>
Subject Re: Gump Repository (was [collections] new snapshot to ibiblio)
Date Fri, 14 May 2004 21:41:31 GMT
Adam R. B. Jack wrote:

> "Stephen McConnell" <> wrote:
>>>Right now (without metadata changes for Gump, but I know they are going
> to
>>>be needed) we have projectName (not moduleName) = groupId, jar ID =
>>>artefactId. This works ok for many, I believe.
>>Of the 97 Avalon related projects i9n Gump almost all produce artifacts
>>where the current projectName != groupId.  The jar ID and artifactId are
>>however largely consistent.
> Thanks for the review, I kinda expected to have to add a groupId to the
> metadata, probably at the module level (that can be overridden at the
> project level, if needed). I haven't thought about it enough to propose
> anything yet though (and was kinda hoping to combine it with <jar repository
> information, for the product, to kill a few birds at once. I've done some
> work to match a jar repository like a CVS or SVN one.)
> BTW: Would moduleName have been a better match for groupId than projectName?
> I could default the above to one of these two.

Within the avalon projects we generally have:

   gump-project-name == maven-artifact-id

But its not 100% consistent.  Modules could be repackaged to match 
maven-group-id, but keep in mind that this would result in a large 
number of groups - for example, this would generate separate groups for 
avalon-framework, avalon-logging, avalon-repository, avalon-meta, 
avalon-util, merlin, etc., etc.

But yes - module name is probably a better bet.

The ability to declare the module under a gump project definition would 
be easy to incorporate.  Some work would still be needed to breakout 
gump projects with multiple artifacts into one gump project per artifact 
and an aggregating project where necessary (e.g. avalon-framework should 
be separated into avalon-framework-api, avalon-framework-impl and 
avalon-framework recast as an aggregation of the two).

Cheers, Stephen.


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