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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: Maven/Gump & Artefact/Jar Identifiers
Date Wed, 05 May 2004 23:38:26 GMT
> I think artifact ID = jar ID, as the resultant filename in a repository is
> always artifactId-version.jar
> Whether the artifact ID or jar ID gets changed is probably on a project by
> project basis.

Thanks Brett, I appreciate you insights on all our Maven issues.

Actually, although I agree, I think the issue is more -- does Gump want to
tie it's jar identifiers to artefact identifiers. I think Maven and
Repostory, and one day Depot, are creating a need (use) for artefact
identifiers, (globally unique or pseudo-so), and those will probably be
created/validated amongst projects and repositories. Todate Gump jar
identifiers have been within the scope of a project, so usually some
shorthand, e.g. 'all' or 'api' or something. Far less

So far I automatically set the jar id to what I consider an artefact id
(when not set) but the issue is the existing metadata/use cases. I've
created this page so we can track where we stand (and perhaps so
Mavenites/Reposites can observe/comment).

> I'm not entirely convinced myself though, and it would be worth getting an
> opinion on maven-dev.

I think I've a pretty clear view of artefact id (and the process of
overriding, Jason pointed me to the docs, thanks). I think this is more a
Gump issue, right now, but if I've missed your point I can post there.

Again, thanks for keeping an eye on us.



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