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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: gump stats looking odd
Date Fri, 14 May 2004 22:05:53 GMT
> According to the following stats summary - one one gump project was
> successfull. What is impled by the 512 "No Works" item?

"No Work" means -- "no work has been done on this entry (yet)". It used to
show up when I'd do a partial run (e.g. depot-*), on all but those biult,
but I've pretty much filtered those out.

> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Projects Successes   Failures    Prereqs     No Works       Packages
> 563      01 (0.18%)  00 (0.00%)  00 (0.00%)  512 (90.94%)   50 (8.88%)
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Had me going for a moment, or few, since clearly (looking at the build log)
lots of projects are in other states.

I see it is a side effect of (the new) re-building the buildLog.xml page
after every module update, and after every project build, so it can (one day
soon) be effectively a dynamic running log. This is to allow users to know a
Gump is active, and where it is (in it's run).

Unfortunately I went through a phase of worrying about walking down the tree
(I had some expensive tree recursions), so got into a habit of doing things
one-time & caching it on the object. Seems I tripped up on that here, and
this froze after the first one was done.

I've stopped making this one-time, and I'll check in shortly, so we'll see.
Thanks for spotting this.



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