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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: Maven Integration Status
Date Tue, 18 May 2004 16:41:15 GMT
> I joined the gump list because turbine dev list was getting lots of errors
> about the jakarta-turbine-tdk and jakarta-turbine-statum projects failing
> (and other jakarta-turbine-* projects).

Thanks for doing that.

> At this point, I haven't been recieving errors, and I checked, and this is
> due to commons-logging failing, which I have seen threads about.

Yup. hopefully we'll return to normal service shortly... ;-)

> At this point, since the projects I'm responsible are all Maven built,
> should I be trying to use the Maven integration, or is that still very
> a work in progress?  Otherwise, should I be trying to patch the Ant
> of the builds to make Gump happy?

Seems a shame for you to invest in Ant scripts if you'd rather be
Mavenizing. If you are game to work with us to prove out Maven, then we are.
Simple change your builder (in the Gump descriptor) from <ant to <maven and
see where we get.

> Lastly, do I test my gump config by checking it in and just letting it

You can/could download it & install it, and use it to test configuration, or
you can do it online (via CVS commits) via public Gump runs. With LSD and
especially Brutus ( you get pretty quick
feedback on things & you really oughn't be able to do much harm. Also, when
public/online the Gumpmeisters can help you.

> I guess I'm trying to judge if I should dive into learning gump, or just
> it ride for now?

Hey, dive in & give us feedback as you go. We'd appreciate fresh input on
this curve.

For modify things, you really only need to read:

The <maven one isn't there yet [in case we change it], although it is
identicle to <ant except for goal instead of target.



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