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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: Maven/Gump & Artefact/Jar Identifiers
Date Tue, 11 May 2004 17:19:45 GMT
> > > Is there a 1:1 mapping of Maven artefacts to <jar>s?
> >
> > I *beleive* so.
> Not entirely true...
> 1. There may not be any Jar at all, if the project generates something

Ok, a clarification. A 1:1 mapping of Maven jar artefacts to <jar>s.

Again, Stefan might also be correct (Gump has some the Maven doesn't need)
so a 1:1 within that subset is what we are shooting for.

> 2. There may be more than one Jar, if the maven.xml in the project is made
> construct any number of Jars.

But each is a separate artefact to Maven, right?

> There is a big distinction between Maven default behaviour and what can
> actually be done.
> I suggest that Gump would follow the Ant model, except that there is not
> necessarily any 'build file', but a 'build dir', in which a Maven goal is
> invoked.

Gump is (as Leo would say) not a participant with an opinion, but a
developer emulator. Gump needs to do what developers do, so how Maven is
used depends upon the existing projects. Right now it seems that calling the
'jar' goal is about right (although it is configurable).

> Regarding the 'dependencies', I suggest that Gump places all the 'builds'
> the local repository  "~/.maven/repository", and then just run Maven in
> off-line mode. It shouldn't be necessary to depend on the plugins being
> aware, IMHO, as Brett was indicating.

Verses leaving things where they are, and using the jar override properties
in the (again in offline mode) as we do?

If you'd like to review, see:

Thanks for all input.



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