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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: Sending mails and reports
Date Tue, 25 May 2004 14:13:04 GMT

> I have certain that maven rc3 returns errors for the shell. To prove it, i
do this tests. The return value of maven was 70, indicating that an error

Ok, good.

Hmm, hold on a mo -- it's not been well tested with CYGWIN.

> Does Gump realy work fine on windows 2000?? If not, what the
functionalities that are not

We've found some portability problems with Python, the two things we can't
do (one on any platform) are kill hung processes, and (on Microsoft) use DBM
(for statistics). No others are coming to mind right now.

BTW: You were asking about reports. Did you mean WWW pages like these?

Gump uses Forrest, either in batch mode, or by writing xdocs to it's webapp
(in say, TomCat). Do you have a copy of forrest available? If Gump detects
FORREST_HOME and forrest on the $PATH it'll use it.

BTW: Please add mailinglist="YOU" and email="YOU" to your workspace.xml, to
stop Gumpy writing to this list when failures occur. You can suppress gumpy
trying to update itself from CVS by setting GUMP_NO_CVS_UPDATE in the



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