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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: [Mx4j-devel] MX4J and Gump (and another log4j deprecation effect)
Date Tue, 25 May 2004 14:06:58 GMT
> >From time to time we get an email similar to this one, and we try to
promptly fix the build.

Thanks, that is aprpeciated, so mind if automate that? This entry will do

    <nag from="Simone Bordet &lt;;"

> I am in a busy period now, but I'll try to get the build going as soon as
I can, running against the latest stable Log4J (which I thought we were
already doing, against 1.2.8 if I remember well).

Yup, that is correct. This notification is a warning for their upcoming
release, giving you time to get ahead of the game. You ought have some time.

> The only thing I'd prefer to avoid is to make our build running against
the latest CVS (which are usually unstable), since this is gump's job.

100% agreed.

> If Log4J removed deprecated API, fine for all, but I'd prefer to wait for
a stable release of Log4J before modifying MX4J's build.
> If you think there is a better approach, please let me know.

Niclas' suggestions are spot on. That fix is the right way for MX4J to 'play
nicely' with the widest/most used range of released log4j's (including the
up coming one). [Log4j did a good job of making Level and Priority available
two years before they removed the deprecated classes.] (I believe your use
case is a simple one, with no binary compatible issues.)

Thanks for being patient with deprecated APIs. Thanks for using Apache



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