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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: Avalon Phoenix
Date Sun, 11 Apr 2004 12:07:11 GMT
Niclas Hedhman wrote:
>      Spice
> Is it possible/recommendable that Gump calls these targets first, or are these 
> Spice modules available somewhere in the Gump infrastructure?

Spice was built by gump at some point, but bailed out later (think spice 
is using damagecontrol now).

I'd actually suggest you put the jars in CVS (they are ASL-licensed so 
its not a legal problem), not call the targets (gump would just download 
the same files every night after all), and create "installed packages" 
of these projects, ie somewhat like

the downside is of course that gump doesn't test that your download 
targets work, but I'll argue gump is not here to test the availability 
of the sourceforge distribution server :-D

The alternative works too, of course...put the calling of the download 
targets into a seperate project descriptor (customary to prefix with 
name of the project whose buildfile you're using, ie 
"avalon-phoenix-spice-bla-download"), and have a <jar/> entry in the 
project definition that references the place you just downloaded the jar to.

I don't know who started the "should not keep jars in CVS" meme, but 
after much experimentation I've found it is just very pragmatic in 
situations like this.


- Leo Simons

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