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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Maven and Gump again
Date Thu, 08 Apr 2004 07:15:36 GMT
Just quickly before I leave for the day... But Stefan reminded me.

I'm planning to take a look at this in the coming week - but I was wondering
what the best approach is.

There is already a goal that will produce a maven installation using Maven -
is this enough for gump, or does Maven need to be able to build from ant (I
imagine it does)?

If so, I will adjust the bootstrap and make a build-gump.xml file that makes
a minimal maven installation, then runs "maven maven:installer" to make a
full one.

I will also update the gump plugin to generate either a maven or ant
descriptor: anyone have a link to where the final <maven /> tag format is?

Sorry for the hurriedness of the email...

Brett Porter ~

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