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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: timeout
Date Tue, 06 Apr 2004 14:02:05 GMT
Sam Ruby wrote:

> Adam R. B. Jack wrote:
>> BTW: Your request to have xdocs pages (for projects, etc.) built as the
>> come, really ought be doable w/o much change. Calling
>> ForrestDocumenter.documentModule or ForrestDocumenter.documentProject 
>> ought
>> have no dependencies. Either we write directly to the log directory
>> (possible) or we write to staging and sync. I don't quite know how to do
>> this to a staging area, and then sync ('cos there are N pages) but I'd 
>> like
>> to try, otherwise our site could accumulate a lot of flotsom and jetsom.
>> If you want to have a dig in, feel free. If this area is a little
>> 'convoluted' and you'd like me to have a shot, no problem. I ought be get
>> there within the next week or so.
> I'm travelling at the moment, and quite frankly until Gump gets back to 
> the point where I can experiment on a change with a edit/compile/debug 
> cycle measured in minutes instead of hours, all of my contributions will 
> be "in the margins".  Furthermore, my knowledge of Forrest is nearly 
> approximately zero at the moment.
> My brief forray into ForrestDocumenter lead me to the conclusion that a 
> good percentage of that code is really producing things like tables and 
> not particularly Forrest specific.
> A way to manage the flotsam and jetsam is to write everything to a 
> directory whose name is based on today's date.  "latest" can be a 
> symbolic link to the current date.  At the beginning of the run can be 
> some code to create the directory if it doesn't exist (and updating the 
> symbolic link as required), and to delete all but the last "n" 
> directories that may exist.
> Anyway, my suggestion is that if you can get something which 
> approximately works, I can help complete it.  And we can clearly leave 
> the static forrest code in place until there is something worth 
> replacing it.

I'll try to install forrest dynamic today on brutus.


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