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From Michael Davey <>
Subject Bootstrapping Gump (was: Re: System Info)
Date Mon, 05 Apr 2004 08:50:36 GMT
Leo Simons wrote:

> being a pragmatist, if I can "apt-get install gump", that would be 
> perfect, regardless of the dependencies. In case you don't know, apt 
> could download all those dependencies before installing gump.

I know that Ant is supposed to be a Java build system but these days it 
is so powerful that you could easily use it to download everything.  
Then you would have a two stage bootstrap:

0a    download Java if not available (probably already on the system)
0b    set Java path (probably already set)
0c    download Ant if not available (probably supplied with Java)
0d    set Ant path (probably already set)
1    download bootstrap-gump.xml
2   type "ant -f bootstrap-gump.xml"

You could additionally provide a .jnlp file on the gump website that 
would do 0c, 0d, 1 and 2 automatically for those that have Java WebStart 

I understand the rationale of not wanting to using non-Java to build 
Java projects, but can't see any reason to avoid Java for the 
installation process.  After all, Java needs to be in the tin when we 
come to build (until (fi*) Gump supports non-java builds) and the whole 
purpose of Java is that it abstracts away other language and OS 
differencies.  The alternative would seem to be:
  support seperate bootstraps for RedHat, Debian, SUSE, Solaris, MacOS 
X, Windows and so on
  write a bootstrap for Gump in python
  write a python version of Ant (perhaps only supporting the tags we 
need to use to bootstrap Gump)


[*1] fi - future tense "if" - is there a proper word for this?

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