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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: timeout
Date Tue, 06 Apr 2004 16:12:12 GMT
> I'd like to work on it, as I have used Velocity recently, and of course
> I work on Forrest...

Cheetah seems a blur of Python and template, to ther extends that one can
write templates that become Python classes. I started to wonder why a Python
programmer would need a 'Python shorthand', and then figures I was clearly a
Cheetah philistine, and am glad somebody else will tinker. :)

> but I've still not tried again to run Gump. It's
> unfortunate given that I could do it easily... some time back :-(

If I recall, I think the main issues were portability (and the lack of some
'simple' scripts). Both these ought be resolved.

That, and there are isues with gettign a full Gump environment (the packages
being the main issue) and I don't know how to resolve that for new users. It
didn't hit you before 'cos Gump didn'ty work before, it just loaded
metadata. Maybe we need to work (again) on a minimal workspace.

Sorry, do you mind just trying again & letting us know the issues.

> Ok, so I wanna Gump a subset.

Do you mean trim a workspace, or use a derivative of gump.xml (with local
tweaks) and run a sub-set of the profile? If the later... you ought be able
to pass a comma separated list of project (wildcarded) expressions, e.g.
ant or kry*,xml*.

The --quick (default for most scripts) ought not work on the complete stack,
just the projects/modules it matches.

> Where do I start with the current CVS
> Gumpy given a W2000 system?

I think these are still valid:


Please let us have feedback.



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