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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: status blogging
Date Wed, 14 Apr 2004 15:08:50 GMT
> Starting long running tasks is made possible by platforms that support
> fork (sorry Windows).

None of our current public servers are on Windows, and I am sure we can live
without this feature on that platform.

> Beyond those two the next biggest hurdle is the markup that is produced.
>   If that is relatively straightforward (in other words, uses techniques
> like CSS instead of things like spacer gifs and nested tables), then
> building CGIs is downright trivial.

I know Leo has found some ways to build WWW applications in Python that he
is interested in. I would hope his efforts, and these, could share at some
level. Perhaps share a Python webapp framework (if one is picked), but there
is no real need for this to be the case since you are talking simple CGIs.
[When you say CGI I'm reading good old fashioned "common gateway interface",
right?] I guess sharing could just be a WWW server (with auth) and a simple
webapp space/look-and-feel.

> If we can settle on an authentication mechanism,

It is funny how we are a product of our current influences. I was going to
suggest following SVNs lead also. Funny how that sounds a lot better than
simply saying use HTTP Authentication. ;-) Still, it seems to 'work' for
infra, that they are game to take it on with SVN, so why not?

> and agree to not worry
> about Windows initially,

I'm +1

> and get a clean CSS-based skin for gump pages,

I assume (hope) we are NOT talking a forrest skin, just a simple look in
HTML, right? I agree that would be something welcomed. Keeping it simple is
key. Heck, I'd hapily start with an 'ugly look', rather than fight the
weight of Forrest, etc. and it's impacts on users.

[ I now see (from feedback) that we *need* Gump to have a cheap/easy
alternative to Forrest, so that Forrest (which I am determined to keep going
with for a while) doesn't bring Gump down with it's issues. I just wish it
were quick/easy, and I'm finding it hard to get motivated for (it is more
fun to play with SVGs). I guess I just need to be patient here, and plod
along making progress.]

> I can start picking off tasks from Adam's original list.

Awesome. Now I just need to remember which list this was, to see how happy I
get. ;-)



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