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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: System Info (was: Speed of brutus)
Date Sat, 03 Apr 2004 15:34:14 GMT

When both Stefano and Leo both misinterpret me, I realize I failed to
communicate yet again. English truly ought not be counted as my first
language (despite being born a Brit. ;-)

You triggered off this:

> As I'm sure you are aware ... there is a strong feeling on this list that
> Java pre-requisite ought exist, so Gump can be run in a 'clean'
> w/o worrying about CLASSPATHs and such.

But didn't seem to register this, which was part of the same paragraph.

> (Might seem odd for a Java Builder,
> but Gump may do more/other than Java one day). That said, you seem to have
> cleverly worked around that. So long as Python Gump generates it, compiles
> it, and runs it -- I can't see folks objecting.

where (1) I agree it is odd [I was being polite] for a Java Builder not to
want Java, but then explained it and (2) I agree that this worked around any
objection. Heck, I never even said they were my objections, I was just
trying to summarize what I understood from prior threads/comments on this

So, for the record (to try to clear up any miscommunication):

- I agreed from the start that this was a nice to have. I said that
'ant --debug' might display it, but that I didn't know how to get it
directly without writing Java. (Seems others don't either.)
- I didn't think this list (from comments I've heard supporting Python Gump)
wanted to have to configure/install/environment a Java compiler, but they
are happy for Python to auto-discover and use one [clearly].
- I agreed that this solution is consistent with the purist (some might say
bootstrap) approach, of starting with pure Python.
- All in all, I agreed this was a good solution to the requirement, and
fitting within what I understood as the philosophy.

That all said, let's please clarify (because it came up again with C, I
believe) and I don't want to be assuming that I understand the views of this

- Do folks want a pure Python Gump, that one can download & run directly?
[This solution investigates and locates tools in the environment and uses
what it finds, even bootstrapping with those to build more of it's own

- Or, are folks ok with Gump having other language components, and requiring
a build prior to being able to run it. Any such build would need to be
automated so we could deploy remote Gump agents. (Clearly this approach is
achievable, traditional Gump did it, and clearly one could use ant in order
to build Java, and perhaps C, etc.)

I prefer the Python approach (even if I do get called a purist and not a
pragmatist, this time. ;). That said, I could live with either.



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