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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: Hermes status
Date Fri, 02 Apr 2004 16:21:22 GMT
> The way this used to be done was to use a public domain program named
> timeout.  I placed the source in brutus:/home/gump/timeout.tgz, and the
> compiled output and man page in /home/gump/bin.
> Timeout was used for all cvs updates and build commands.  Including the
> cvs update of gump itself in the equivalent of gumpy.  Here's how it was
> invoked:
> bash -cp "/home/rubys/bin/timeout 1200"
> Where "cp" is the desired "command prefix".

Yeah, it might be time to revert to that.

I think we could add a check into GumpEnvironment to detect 'timeout' if
available in the environment, and use it if present, and I think that would
suit any purists (including me) that want Gump to function well out of the
box, with the minimum of installation dependencies.

We could add the above (if detected), without having to change the current
background thread/kill logic. Belt and braces...

I still thing we ought replace pgrep with ps (or something more portable),
if we can find a smart commandline argument. That, or see if (non *nix)
/proc is an option. I've seen (on M$) that one can use 'performance
information' to get to process id & parent process id, but it is so ugly a
solution I've not found time for it.



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