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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: System Info (was: Speed of brutus)
Date Fri, 02 Apr 2004 15:53:26 GMT
> > Hmm. No, not directly. If a project repeatedly fails Gump automatically
> > turns on ant verbose and/or debug, and maybe this show those values. Is
> > there a way to list these things (above) without writing some Java?
> What's wrong with writing some Java?  ;-)

As I'm sure you are aware ... there is a strong feeling on this list that no
Java pre-requisite ought exist, so Gump can be run in a 'clean' environment
w/o worrying about CLASSPATHs and such. (Might seem odd for a Java Builder,
but Gump may do more/other than Java one day). That said, you seem to have
cleverly worked around that. So long as Python Gump generates it, compiles
it, and runs it -- I can't see folks objecting.

It would (IMHO) be good if you added this code into GumpEnvironment in, and used some things like self.javaCommand (defaults to 'java',
but can be overwritten). If you do it after the check for java and javac,
it'd be best.

If you could manage to use checkExecutable (which adds the result/output to
the GumpEnvironment object as work, and hence shows up in documentation)
that would be good. Might I ask that you simply listProperties --- so we can
see all, not just these (important) few? You could get the output file from
the command, and parse that, if you are interested in having the values. [As
you know I like to start verbose and trim backwards, one never knows (it
seems) what information might be interesting.]

Just and FYI: We have a slight issue with 'tmp', not so much what you've
done as what exists. I'd like everything to run in $WORKSPACE/tmp, but some
things (like this, are pre-workspace) and dir.tmp is what we ought use.
[This is only an issue when we run multiple things in one install, which we
don't typically do, but it bugs me.]

BTW: Nice addition.



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