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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Redistributable
Date Tue, 13 Apr 2004 15:14:43 GMT
I would like to fix this (i.e. that Gumpy doesn't respect

in part so we can decide if not having a license file, yet having output
jars and being redistributable, ought be considered an error. [Perhaps we
could have a migration period so we don't introduce too much instability.]
Apart from the legal aspects, this is also, so the 'notesLog' page gets a
lot less messy/verbose.

So, reading the documentation we have 'redistributable' optionally on
repository, module and projects. No value is needed, it's presence signifies
'positive', so <redistributable/> means 'true'.

Now, the project documentation says if missing it defaults to the value on
the repository. Ought it not default to the value on the module, which in
turn ought default to the value on the repository? That is the way I'd like
to code it. [FWIIW: That is similar to how I coded 'nag', because I don't
see why we ought not notify on update failures.]

Clearly I'll (at last) code the jar publishing to be dependent upon this


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