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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: Need help with : pydoc & pychecker
Date Fri, 16 Apr 2004 17:22:42 GMT
> I've not managed to get a site built by pydoc, it seems to like to run
> interactively or as it's own WWW server. This is cool. Go into the
> gump/python directory, set PYTHONPATH=`pwd`, then run:
>     python C:\Python23\lib\ -p 1234 gump
> and browsed:

Yahoo, we can run it! This is really useful output. Incentive to document
classes better.

I change gump/ to not include gump.config (to set logging to
default) and move all that initialization code into a gumpinit() method. It
is a bit of a pain to have to explicitly call this, but I think it worth the
fact that we can now run pydoc!

Anybody who is tinkering with Gumpy ought run this!

>     http://localhost:1234/
> I wonder if we ought run an instance of this on one of the Apache servers
> and point it at a version of Gump that we checkout from CVS each night.

Any thoughts on this? Is it overkill? Ought we just expect developers to do
the above? [I could see us providing the object documentation (online) as
helping us focus on improving it & attracting new devs.]



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