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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: [RT] Generator vs Serializer
Date Sun, 28 Mar 2004 20:57:56 GMT
Sam Ruby wrote:
> At the moment, gump.document.* take a complete set of knowledge and 
> produce a set of artifacts.  The best analogy to Cocoon for this would 
> be a serializer which terminates a pipeline.
> An alternate approach would be to completely flip this.  Have the 
> equivalent logic drive the acquisition of certain pieces of information, 
> which can be processed as it is being received.  The best analogy to 
> Cocoon for this would be a generator which is at the beginning of a 
> pipeline.

Hmm. Sounds like a plan. One comment that has always stuck regarding 
cocoon's SAX-based model is that "it is much harder to write components 
for it". I don't find gump easy to program for, but I think a large part 
of that is because

 > not having ANY output until EVERYTHING is done as
> something less than ideal

and if flipping things make that easier that will probably make 
everything easier.

I've been thinking about how one does stuff like this (you know, 
relatively big architecture flips) incrementally. Seems hard :D. In this 
particular case, it seems we need to go from

+----------+     +------------+
| Pipeline | --> | Serializer |
+----------+     +------------+


+-----------+     +----------+     +------------+
| Generator | --> | Pipeline | --> | Serializer |
+-----------+     +----------+     +------------+


+-----------+     +----------+
| Generator | --> | Pipeline |
+-----------+     +----------+

I took a look around the code and tried to figure out where to start. No 
luck so far. I guess I just have to start with small itches ;)


- Leo Simons

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