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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: Generating HTML (was Gump Threashing/Spinning)
Date Thu, 25 Mar 2004 21:12:17 GMT
Adam Jack wrote:
>>We should probably use a template engine. I'm sure there's a python
>>equivalent for something like velocity (or smarty).
> First, I like the dynamic 'tree of nodes' based approach to writing
> HTML/XML, rather than template

I like merging the concepts. Once you've built the tree, flatten the 
part of it that will make up the page, and feed that to the template 
engine. Even if you don't use a template engine, seperate the flattening 
and splitting from the transformation step.

This is different from stuff like anakia, where the template walks the 
tree directly (bad).

  -- in the main because of pleasant
> experiences with the Perl modules for this in the past. That said, even
> though there are some huge fields here (build output logs)

hehehe. Look here:

this is what things like #include are for!

> maybe a template
> mechanism is enough for the simple structure (results tables, lists, etc.)
> that we have. We have huge pages, with options missing (or not) based off
> content. I'm not sure any template could cope with that, but I am open
> minded to it.

The biggest ISP in the Netherlands with the biggest content portal in 
the Netherlands uses a template engine as a core part of their view 
layer (but don't tell 'em ;) :D. At least they used to...

> Second, I didn't realize that Python DOM had nice serialization mechanism.
> Maybe I should've used that from the start.

No idea what you're talking about :D

> Now Gump generates it's xdocs using an object tree structure. Watching the
> python memory grow from 20M (after loading all XML) to 136M (during
> generating these pages) it has some sort of leak (actual or effective)

ouch! Maybe it would pay off to use pipelining (you know, SAX, stuff) 
instead of DOM to generate the object tree.

> Fixing this area is clearly important, and I'd appreciate all insights...

No insights here, just babbling along ;)


- Leo Simons

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