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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Gump-Check task (was: Re: [RT] href considered harmful)
Date Wed, 24 Mar 2004 07:47:30 GMT
Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
> Leo Simons wrote:
>> I suggest we move to strike and loudly proclaim descriptors not living 
>> in gump CVS as harmful. Their use needs to be *strongly* discouraged 
>> from now on. Who's with me?
> I agree with you as a general principle.
> Too bad that the entire cocoon build system relies on the gump 
> descriptor for its blocks and this is going to be so for a while.
> If you deprecate href, cocoon will be seriously damaged.

who said anything about deprecate? I said its harmful, that's different. 
I consider the use of static factories in java applications harmful, but 
its not like static methods will be deprecated anytime soon! :D

I think no-one wants to actually disable the ability to use href.

> Now, I am the one to blame for this, but my rationale was to keep gump 
> and cocoon in synch by making sure that everytime you built cocoon, you 
> were also testing if the gump descriptor was right.
> Of course, only gump can do the full check, but the cocoon build can 
> help a little bit.

hmm. Good point.

You want the ability to verify a project state is consistent with what 
gump expects it to be after a build, but only gump can verify that.

Maybe we could have an ant task that talks to the gump repository to 
keep (nay, improve on) that functionality.

<project default="test">
<target name="verify-gump" depends="build">
   <gump-check project="cocoon"/>
<target name="test" depends="build,verify-gump">

the gump-check task would get a list of requirements from the gump 
server (ie, what jars should exist, what directories, licenses, ...)
and compare that info to the filesystem. It would warn the user of any 

Like Ozzie, I'm just a dreamer ;)


- Leo Simons

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