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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: User id that runs Gump on moof (and LSD...)
Date Sat, 20 Mar 2004 09:25:18 GMT
Adam R. B. Jack wrote:
> Since I have LSD running under 'ajack' as are and
>, I think we need somebody else's id to run the Apache Python
> Gump on moof. This is especially important with me going away next week.

Seems my orig email didn't make it to the list...

what we could also do is create a 'gump' user, and give multiple people 
the password. Alternatively, we don't give out the password, but add 
multiple people's keys to the authorized_keys file.

The former has the advantage that you could 'su gump', the latter is 
probably a little safer.

I don't like the single point of failure we have now at all.

As far as lsd goes, I'm familiar with the setup, and I'm root so I can 
'su ajack' all I want. The same goes for Stefano on moof, I think.

I'm also supposed to be catching a train in five mins so I don't have 
time to change anything over there right now.


- Leo Simons

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