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From Sam Ruby <>
Subject Re: [RT] Let each project run using the last successfull jar from each dependency
Date Sun, 28 Mar 2004 15:34:30 GMT
Martin Cooper wrote:

> On Sat, 27 Mar 2004, Nick Chalko wrote:
>>Here is an idea to let gump build 100% every time.
>>Keep the jars from the last success full build of each project. Then a
>>project fails it will not stop the rest of the tree from building.
> I'm just a lurker here, but this seems to defeat the whole purpose of
> Gump. Gump's purpose in life is to let people know as soon as possible
> when changes in one place break things in other places.
> The change you are suggesting would at best delay the guilty party from
> being notified of the issues, and at worst result in everything building
> successfully every time.
> Of course, I may be misinterpreting you entirely...

It is more subtle that that.  What it would do is to enable a nearly 
perfect system to run better, but it could make a bad situation worse.

Example: Xalan is a stable project with a stable set of interfaces. 
However, I have seen it fail to build.  Due to Ant's depedency on Xalan, 
this pretty much wiped out the days's run.  Unnecessarily.

On the other side is projects that rarely build.  If this is obscured by 
substituting in older jars, projects will be provided with misleading 
impression that

One way to mitigate this would be to place an upper bound on how long 
old builds may be used.  Three days old may be fine, but three weeks old 
is probably not.

- Sam Ruby

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