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From Sam Ruby <>
Subject Re: Which gump on the new machines?
Date Thu, 25 Mar 2004 19:39:52 GMT
Adam Jack wrote:

>>OK, it looks like there may be a new ASF hosted machine or two running
>>gump in the next 24 or so hours.  Which gump should be run on it?
> Which? As in traditioanl verse Python? I think concensus has been Python for
> a while.

Just checking...

> We have a README in /usr/local/gump on moof, ought I post it here for folks?
> I can't get there this mo, and my eyebrowse search isn't bringing up when I
> posted it before. It has the steps involved.

I see it on moof.  I'm not too worried as I generally am a quick 
learner.  ;-)

>>I'm willing to take the lead in getting it up and running, or simply
>>suggest it be turned over to somebody who wishes to volunteer.  Once it
>>is up and running, it is my intent that this be a public resource Gump
> I will be online (from a hotel, after workout/dinner) tonight (PST time) and
> able to help. I do think we ought use the shared 'gump' account we've been
> discussing, that'd be good for a common place for the cronjob, etc.

My guess is that real work won't start until tomorrow.  A shared gump is 
OK with me.

> regards,
> Adam

- Sam Ruby

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