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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: [Request] Make gump build directories browsable
Date Sun, 14 Mar 2004 17:00:49 GMT
Vincent Massol wrote:

> Hi,
> Would it be possible to make the gump build directories browsable. It's
> just a pain to debug gump and find where the problem is. Making these
> directories visible will help a lot.
> <rant>
> I've been trying to debug a cactus gump build problem for a week now
> with no success. Every time I have to rely on the good will on one of
> the gumpmeister to send me some files... I don't think this is how it
> should work. Also, my time is not indefinitely flexible. During the week
> and week end, I have some free time but it's not linear across the days.
> That is, if I get a slot of a few hours on Saturday, I'd like to use it.
> But I can't as I'm relying on others! As an example, I've asked for
> files for the past 4 days and I still haven't received them...
> If it's happening I guess it's happening for other projects too. 
> Honestly I'm failing to see the point of Gump now. I used to like it but
> it's too energy-consuming to fix something. I used to like it when it
> was publishing the Cactus web site automatically (Stefano seems to be
> saying it's impossible because of security issues but it *WAS* doing it
> in the past - Ask Sam). As a consequence, I've had to set up my own
> continuous build at home... and thus I don't really need Gump anymore as
> my own build satisfies my needs and those of our community (yeah it
> doesn't build against CVS HEAD of dependencies but it's ok. Whenever
> there's a new release of a dependency I update it).
> </rant>
> Thoughts?

Vincent, before you depart please understand that gump is transitioning 
and that we are very concerned in making it as simple as posible for 
people like you to keep your metadata in synch.

Now, is gump perfect? no! and by far!

It's not even running on ASF machines! so we can't give access to 
everybody to Leo's machine!

We are waiting for those machines to arrive and in the meanwhile we are 
working on using moof.

as for gump publishing web site, if it did in the past, it was a big 
mistake and we are lucky we weren't hacked (probably because gump was 
not so visible).

As for not seeing the point in gump, well, we can't force people to see 
the point, but we do care in making it as painless as possible.

If this is too painful for you, we can turn nagging off until we are 
ready, but I would prefer to help you out in solving the problem.

I just don't understand what the problem is so I can't help you.


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