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From Antoine Lévy-Lambert <>
Subject [RT] gump doing progress
Date Thu, 11 Mar 2004 22:58:59 GMT
Some random thoughts,

lately I have not been able to contribute much, my employer makes me 
work too. ;-)

I have the impression that we are progressing.

For instance, I like very much that Niclas is trying to fix the avalon 
builds. Also with jakarta-slide,
Unico Hommes is working to solve an issue with a property jdom.jar which 
was badly defined or used in the
testsuite subproject (he has checked in some changes today which should 
make the next run successful,
at least I hope so, I did not test it).

I think that once the excalibur-logger will build, we will reach a much 
higher success percentage  - unless we see down the road
some other showstoppers.

Gump is really useful. Without gump, I am not sure whether the problems 
with the changes of API of jdom and the consequences
for velocity and jakarta-slide would have been detected. And fixed.

I also read about the issues between Struts and velocity-tools, this 
sound interesting too.

I have read the threads about "Moving gump forward".

I am sure a Web Application to edit the metadata of gump can be nice. 
But I am not unhappy just editing xml files by hand and
checking them into CVS. If we have a Web Application, it will have to be 
fast and confortable to bring a real progress
in comparison with the plain xml files. I also agree with others that 
storing gumps metadata into a relational database is certainly awkward.
I wonder whether it is not best to stick to xml files, may be have the 
Web App do cvs commits when changes are done ?
xml database(s) would be seducing for this type of things, but I think 
gump should remain simple.

The drawback of developing a Web App will be that when we will want to 
add new fields or change the schema in some ways,
we will have to change gumpy and the Web App.

I did not try the python UI which already exists for editing the 
metadata, maybe we should consider maintaining and extending it
rather than going to the Web App solution ? Fat graphical clients have 
advantages over Web interfaces, they can be more appealing
present nice widgets which are difficult to mimick in a servlet or jsp.

Last thought, concerning the docu,
from project/ws-juddi.xml
<property name="ant.home" project="ant" reference="home" />
I did not see in the documentation how this tag is specified.



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