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Subject cvs commit: gump/blog/SuccessStories jrefactory.txt
Date Fri, 26 Mar 2004 16:37:40 GMT
antoine     2004/03/26 08:37:40

  Added:       blog/SuccessStories jrefactory.txt
  Blog concerning jrefactory
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  gump/blog/SuccessStories/jrefactory.txt
  Index: jrefactory.txt
  JRefactory adapt their code to changes in jaxen/saxpath
  issue of line ending with PrettyPrinter task
  I had found a problem with the PrettyPrinter task supplied by JRefactory.
  Without any clear announcement, the JRefactory team had changed their PrettyPrinter
  task to delegate processing of line endings to the ant fixcrlf task - which is good.
  As a consequence, the acceptable values for the lineending setting of PrettyPrinter
  changed to become the one's of ant's fixcrlf task.
  This caused the build of xdoclet to fail around mid January.
  I entered a bug report in the bug tracking system of JRefactory,
  and also asked the xdoclet team to adapt their build file to the new behavior of
  PrettyPrinter, which they did.
  <a href="">
  pretty.settings end.line property comments need a fix</a>
  Mike Atkinson seems to have worked on this issue yesterday (March 25th 2004).
  jaxen/saxpath changes
  Due to changes in jaxen, which has absorbed saxpath, JRefactory had
  a compilation failure.
  I sent a mail to the JRefactory mailing list on the 24th of March,
  and Mike Atkinson fixed the faulty org.acm.seguin.pmd.jaxen.DocumentNavigator
  yesterday (March 25th).
  So, yes, human nagging is effective. When it is effective, and how you do 
  it diplomatically is another issue.

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