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Subject cvs commit: gump/blog/Issues Cactus-CommonsHttpclient.txt
Date Mon, 15 Mar 2004 21:56:10 GMT
nickchalko    2004/03/15 13:56:09

  Modified:    blog/Issues Cactus-CommonsHttpclient.txt
  Updates from Vincent.
  Obtained from:
  Submitted by:	
  Reviewed by:	
  CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
  CVS: PR:
  CVS:   If this change addresses a PR in the problem report tracking
  CVS:   database, then enter the PR number(s) here.
  CVS: Obtained from:
  CVS:   If this change has been taken from another system, such as NCSA,
  CVS:   then name the system in this line, otherwise delete it.
  CVS: Submitted by:
  CVS:   If this code has been contributed to Apache by someone else; i.e.,
  CVS:   they sent us a patch or a new module, then include their name/email
  CVS:   address here. If this is your work then delete this line.
  CVS: Reviewed by:
  CVS:   If we are doing pre-commit code reviews and someone else has
  CVS:   reviewed your changes, include their name(s) here.
  CVS:   If you have not had it reviewed then delete this line.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.4       +11 -7     gump/blog/Issues/Cactus-CommonsHttpclient.txt
  Index: Cactus-CommonsHttpclient.txt
  RCS file: /home/cvs/gump/blog/Issues/Cactus-CommonsHttpclient.txt,v
  retrieving revision 1.3
  retrieving revision 1.4
  diff -u -r1.3 -r1.4
  --- Cactus-CommonsHttpclient.txt	15 Mar 2004 21:19:51 -0000	1.3
  +++ Cactus-CommonsHttpclient.txt	15 Mar 2004 21:56:09 -0000	1.4
  @@ -19,7 +19,9 @@
   <a href="">Cactus</a>
  -build was failing on Apache Gump.
  +build was 
  +<a href="">failing</a>
  +on Apache Gump.
   After a few hours of debugging and thanks
   to Leo for giving Vincent access to <a href="">LSD</a>,
   the cause was found. The hunt is over!
  @@ -27,12 +29,14 @@
   The cause was: <a href="">commons-httpclient</a>
   It works fine with version 2.0 of commons-httpclient but not with the
  -latest version from HEAD. Now, the hard part, is trying to understand
  -why httpclient has changed some API. Then the Cactus project will need
  -to decide whether it has to use the new way (thus forcing users to use
  -httpclient from HEAD) or have the Cactus build depend on 
  -<a href=""
  +latest version from HEAD. 
  +httpclient HEAD (i.e. v3.x) is not going to be backward compatible
  +with v2.x and thus several APIs will be broken. The question has been
  +asked on 
  +<a href="">Cactus dev
mailing list</a>
  +as to whether they stay on the 
  +<a href="">2.x branch</a>
  +or follow 3.x. 

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