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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: "Affected" number for failing builds
Date Wed, 31 Mar 2004 15:35:50 GMT
> log4j failed and the "affected" column says 1099, impressive.  Even
> more impressive since the total number of projects says 543 on
> brutus ;-)

First, thanks for watching the content of the data, as we know (from my
typing) I don't see what is there, just what I think is there. ;-)

I knew this was a problem (heck, I had it up in the tens of thousands once
;-) but I couldn't figure out why this code below wasn't accurate. Now,
having come back in fresh, it is (of course) that is it counting all
dependencies (including repeats to projects). I'll recode it to use the
'getUniqueProjectXXXXX' methods (that use the map of depend projects,
reather than the list of depends.)

BTW: I made this verbose 'cos I was trying to find the problem with it.

    def determineAffected(self):
        if self.affected: return self.affected
            # Look through all dependees
            for dependee in self.getFullDependees():
                # Something caused this some grief
                if cause:
                    # The something was this project
                    if cause == self:
                        self.affected += 1
        return self.affected

> Also, it says 2 for avalon-logkit.  I assume that this simply omits
> the count for the projects that haven't been built because of the
> log4j failure since the ripple effect of logkit failures is almost as
> big as the one of log4j (via commons-logging).

Yup, first come first served.

See how this lists affected and dependees separately, the former ought be <=
the later (and hopefully soon will be):



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