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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject [RT] Gump GUI development parallel to Gump Remote Agents (Sites)
Date Mon, 29 Mar 2004 16:53:25 GMT
I've not had chance to go over Leo's architecture notes in enough detail (at
a quiet time) in order to respond to them completely. I keep wanting to find
time. The first point that I'd like to address, when I do, is that I don't
believe that Python Gump (I will start referring to it as Gump, implying it
is just 2.0) reverted to a batch approach, per se.

Maybe I am splitting hairs, but Gump can perform a 'run' of one or more
projects, upon them alone or the dependency stack beneath them. Since Gump
needs to behave in a certain (dependency) order when N>1, the N=1 case is a
little bloated, but it is doable today.

The reason I care about this distinction is that I feel we don't need a
major re-work in order to satisfy targeted runs. I think this is most
clearly seen if we bring the GUI, that Sam/Nicola worked on, out of
mothballs. I'd love to see that done, 'cos I think it brings good issues to
the surface. With the GUI I think we can allow a user to pick N projects,
and can perform an update or a run, or whatever.

I also think a GUI is especially useful for resolving some of the concerns
over documentation, and timeliness, and format. I think that a listener
(being passed context with status) could be called whenever a project is
built (or whatever) and could represent/display state as it proceeds.

I've always respected the Gump GUI & liked what it brings to this mix, I've
just never had enough cycles to maintain it as I fleshed out the more
'agent' way of doing things. For the GUI to really fly I believe we need
some internals changes (separating all 'run' information into context
objects and off the metadata model objects, so we can re-run without
re-loading metadata) but I think this is worthwhile.

So, my random thought is ... could we find folks to care about this use
case, and bringing it to feature completeness as a parallel effort to the
remote agents and their sites (via forrest or cheetah or both or ...)


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