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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: Gump docs solution, makes everyone happy (Re: Gump Thrashing/Spinning...)
Date Mon, 29 Mar 2004 15:07:02 GMT

>  > Also, if we want both xdoc and html output we'd need to set
> > of tempaltes (with code in) which isn't nice.
> Maybe my comment got lost... generate html and Forrest can skin that too.
> In other words, Forrest can skin an html site.

I heard it, but I think I mentally filtered it somewhat, wondering if it was
some sort of unholy compromise. Can you give more details on how this works,
and the pros/cons of using HTML not xdocs? Does one simply write normal (but
parsable) HTML and Forrest parse/processes it? Can we use the webapp
approach with this output?

BTW: With Forrest moving to xhtml eventually, does us moving to HTML help

> So, if you make Cheetah output plain html you can see the site natively,
> or decide to have Forrest skin over it and publish it or use a live

I don't have Stefano's dislike of DOM verses template generation. Perhaps
because I wrote the code, perhaps because I am game to trade cycles/memory
for easier coding. I know the code seems to be complex (at first) but I'll
explain (see mail, to follow, on 'Documentation') that it really isn't. I
want to see a Cheetah based approach (it seems interesting & the Pythonic
defacto standard) but I honestly have reservations about (1) it being easier
(2) it being more manageable. Still, hopefully a good design (with Cheetah
approach in mind) ought let us know in advance if this is the case.

> I'm -1 on removing Forrest for output, as it takes away the same visual
> style of the site.

I've been frustrated with forrest spinning (it did it again last night for
my machine) and builds working, but failing to output documentation. I
proposed moving away from Forrest for this reason, no other. I think it has
emerged that forrest is more of a stumbling block for others -- especially
newcomers -- and it too much to expect/install (even thought it builds out
of the box, and runs first time) for starters. As such, I am definately -1
to removing it completely, and +1 to having a simple HTML solution for
starters. See mail (to follow) on 'Documentation'.



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