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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: Profile mods for Avalon: Re: cvs commit: gump/project avalon-components.xml avalon-excalibur.xml
Date Wed, 17 Mar 2004 05:15:17 GMT

> On Wednesday 17 March 2004 07:29, Adam R. B. Jack wrote:
> > I ended up adding all the project/avalon* projects in Gump CVS to
> > profile/gump.xml.
> Sorry, I don't know Gump well enough to know what profiles are.

No worries, basically it just lists the components
(modules/projects/repositories/etc.) to includes, whereas the workspace
lists the more machine-centric config (dirs) and the profile. As such, a
profile is more sharable than a workspace, and the main (public) shared one
is profile/gump.xml.

If you have time, see:

but don't worry, I added everything (except avalon.xml) that was
project/avalon-*.xml to profile/gump.xml.

> > Avalon-Logging, is it to go away or not? I thought I noticed some
> > to that effect, and anyway -- the CVS checkout failed. If going away, we
> > ought tell folks like commons-logging. If I oughtn't have added it,
> > delete the project/avalon-logger.xml file.
> Avalon as a Gump project doesn't exist, and should be removed.

Ok, it's gone.

> Avalon Framework is what people probably mean, and is the foundation we
> build on top of.
> Avalon-Logging is replacing Excalibur Logging, and is the package that is
> inside Avalon Merlin, the now decided Single Platform from Avalon.

Ok, then we have a CVS issue to resolve with avalon-logging.

> Merlin will only depend on (sooner or later) avalon-framework,
> avalon-meta, avalon-repository and various avalon-util, plus external
> Excalibur is going to be terminated, once we have polished it up to a
> nice state. I am planning (provided consenus can be reached) that commit
> rights will be removed after that has been reached, so if someone want to
> evolve it, they have to fork it to another place.
> Fortress features that are desireable are going to be migrated to Merlin,
> then Fortress will go the same path as Excalibur, but will take much
> Cornerstone is going to be migrated into a nice state, that means
> documentation, unittests and no dependencies on Excalibur. This will take
> quite a while.
> I hope this clarifies the evolutionary path that I see happening over the
> 6 months or so.

Ok, thanks for the information. If it doesn't all sink in today, we'll be
able to review it in the mail archive, thanks.



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