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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Terminating a tree of processes...
Date Sun, 28 Mar 2004 22:33:45 GMT
I am quite disappointed by the fact that Gump cannot seem to terminate it's
child processes, and subsequent generations of processes. I can't seem to
find any portable solution, and even the per platform solutions contain race
conditions. Perhaps this is a limitation of the current state of Python, but
I hope it is that combined with lack of imagination/knowledge of this
developer, and as such help from this group can grant an acceptable

Take xdoclets, that is spawning, and re-spawning off into infinity. Any 'ps'
based approach to list/calculate a sub-tree of processes before killing them
individually allows a race condition, and such a case as xdoclets would fall
through that crack.

Still, the current approach only kills 'children' (the darn shell that runs
the command), so maybe this is better than nothing. I can try to find
something (make ps, if pgrep is less portable, since neither seem to do it
simply) to list all processes, plus parent process id, and hence determine
the genealogy.

I don't know what 'process group' gives me (on Unix, it isn't on M$) but is
there some way that a tree is a group? Can I find the group(s) for my
children and kill those groups without killing myself? Anybody know this?

Any other thoughts/approaches come to mind?

Thanks in advance.


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