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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: FW: [GUMP@lsd]: jakarta-cactus/jakarta-cactus-framework-12 failed
Date Thu, 18 Mar 2004 22:36:58 GMT
> The problem is the the following declaration:
> <depend property="httpunit.jar" project="httpunit"/>
> should only include in the CP the jars declared by the <jar> tag in the
> httpunit project. However it seems it is importing all jars in the CP.
When Gumpy adds a dependency for a property it creates a dependency object:

    # Add a dependency (to bring property)
    dependency=ProjectDependency(project, \
                            workspace.getProject(property.project), \
                            INHERIT_ALL, \
                            0, \
                            'Property Dependency for ' +

>From this I see it does inherit='all', runtime (as specified by the
property), mandatory (not optional), ids (as specified by the property),
noclasspath (see below), and a comment.

Seems I might get lucky with an easy fix, i.e. replace that with
INHERIT_NONE. I'll do it. LEt me know if you think otherwise.

BTW: Stefan, you updated the depend xdocs for <noclasspath>, but did you add
anything for classpath attribute on property? I just guessed it is the
(defaulted) reverse of noclasspeth -- meaning these dependencies do not
bring in the classpath ('cos the property is going to pass it.) Correct?



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