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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: [RT] Generator vs Serializer
Date Sun, 28 Mar 2004 20:03:44 GMT
> For us to get to the point where others are interested in personal
> gumps, we need to make it easier to build profiles which use
> repositories for components that an individual is not interested in
> rebuilding for themselves.

Yeah, I agree, I also think this'd help more Gump 'communities' (not just
the Apache-centric one). One aspect that greatly interests me is 'cascading
Gumps', where one (downstream) Gump downloads some previously Gump'ed jars
from other (upstream) Gumps.

To make general progress in this area, I've introduced three types of
repository for a module i.e. CVS|SVN|Jar, where one 'updates' from these. A
Jar repository update is simply downloading packages from a remote
repository. I've been considering using Depot Ruper for this (a downloader
tool that tries to get the latest version 'intelligently'), but haven't
finished off that wiring.

The other aspect of this (as I see it) is to be able to dynamically override
(or re-write) metadata for a module to replace <cvs with <jar as
appropriate. When I was working more on personal Gumps, and less on main
Gumps, it was a pain in the rear to manually do this.



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