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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: Maven usage in Gump
Date Thu, 18 Mar 2004 16:19:10 GMT

> Niclas Hedhman wrote:
> > *  The whole of Avalon was converted to Maven quite some time ago, and
that is
> > probably when Gump support started to crack badly. What would Gump folks
> > if we took the step of having <maven> in the avalon gump descriptors?
> I don't think we're quite ready just yet:

I suspect (hope) this might be a config mismatch more than not being ready,
i.e. dependencies in the POM not in the GOM. ;-) I think we need to start
with smaller (fewer dependencies projects) and work up.

I don't have time (or enough samples) to 'prove' that other than say see
these next two suggest we are in the ballpark.

Test2 depends on Test1, as does the source code, hence uses jar overrides.

> but the goal is a good one. Maybe we should try both (add experimental
> projects that use <maven/>, move over incrementally if those work)...

Agreed. My issues is jar 'id' name in GOM (for projects not built by Maven)
and MAven artifact name. I suspect we'll need to add more and more id=
attributes to GOM descriptors.

> > *  One of the things that I can imagine is a real worry is the build
> > required for Maven compared to Ant, but the Maven-1.0-rc2 is showing
> > significant improvements.
> We don't want to worry about that. Gump tries to emulate developer
> behaviour. And if developers are using maven, gump wants to use it too.


> > *  How are the dependency Jars being passed to Maven, and getting Maven
> > ignore the cached local repository?
> I have no idea (someone else will ;)

Gump generates a properties file, and in there it sets the jar override and
then (by artefact id) set the jars paths.

> > *  Should the <maven> feature in Gump, not use the Maven POM and
> > files, since all the information about the builds are available there?
> > this planned, or considered too difficult?

Maven generates GOM using the "maven gump" goal. Yes, Gump could read POM,
but since Maven does this so nicely it isn't a top priority on my list. I
beleive Brett suggested he'd start looking at making the goal use <maven not
<ant, but in my perfect would we'd have it generate two projects -- one with
<ant and one with <maven for testing/verification.

> I think its planned. One big difficulty (there are several) is that the
> names of the projects in maven are not the same as the names of the
> projects in gump.

I think many are close, and I think (as I'm sure you do) that we just need
to go through the process to find the odd ones out. Having the same names
will help us.



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