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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: Board report
Date Tue, 16 Mar 2004 16:19:34 GMT
> I'd like to try authoring the board report together and have started
> with my thoughts for next week's meeting in the wiki[1].  Please go
> ahead and modify/add to your liking.

Sorry I failed to help you out with this, the recent flurries of activity
made this slide down in my mailbox too far.

I liked your report, especially how you mentioned community interactions
before coding, that is key. I think TLP status, and the activity generated
by folks here, has noticeably improved Gump visibility & helped our social
goal of folks caring if they Gump properly. That is an awesome step forward,
which I hope continues...

Ongoing, I think the Peas-n-Carrots work that Nick has been leading is the
most useful 'report' so far. We've been letting the "little successes" slip
by, undocumented, and I love how this blog has raised awareness to the good
Gump does. Much as it is tricky to be a dispassionate/factual/tactful
reporter, and it'll take help from us all to achieve this, I really
appreciate what Nick's been doing here. Perhaps the next board report can
reference P&C, and how it is an intrigal part of Gump's feedback loop.

BTW: Gumpy ought support Maven right now, we just need to work up the stack
(from few depencencies) since the 'artifact ids' (<jar id=....) needs to be
in sync. If it'd help Avaloners we could try doing their build with Maven.



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