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From "Adam Jack" <>
Subject Gump Thrashing/Spinning...
Date Thu, 25 Mar 2004 20:09:33 GMT
I've been trying to run some quick jobs (a not an to
try to get insight into this problem. I'm finding (at least on my machine)
that forrest is growing to huge size, and getting bogged down in swapping.

I can't say this with certainty, but I feel that both Python and Java
degrade very poorly when swapping, not just because they do so much dynamic
memory management. I suspect any background thread for garbage collection is
getting starved. I don't know if this is true, or even if it matters, but we
are getting to a point of resoruce shortage, to the point of outage.

I wonder if Python (Gumpy) and Java (Forrest ) are fighting with each other
for resources. Both are hogs, but I am not sure if being a memory hog is
cause or effect. I don't know if growth is occuring 'cos we finally added
the last straw to the camel's back, or if we have some wierd loop bug. I
suspect forrest is getting stuck on a certain page, but I have no insight
into what is causing this -- nor if the cause is somehow Gumpy. Doing a much
smaller Gump run, hence smaller xdocs set, works w/o problem.

When doing a test run here (without even doign the build parts) I see Gumpy
(the python instance) growing to 136M! I have no clue as to why it would do
that! I wish I could get inside the Python instance to understand where the
memory is, or if it is being leaked. Maybe this is just crowding out

Whatever the cause, I am really starting to get 'done' with forrest. I
support it's use, I introduced it & have dealt with the issues and built
workarounds from day one, but it is hard work w/ no fun. I feel it (through
Gumpy trying to dynamically create xdocs) has been the weak/slow link in
Gumpy for a while.

I suspect even the forrest developers here might agree that I took this too
far. Forrest is great for sites, but the gump outputs are getting huge and
not really benefiting from Forrest skins, etc. Maybe I am wrong, maybe I
need to approach the forrest developers (mail to their team) to see what
they think on this.

I wonder if we ought consider replacing Forrest with a pure Python HTML
producer. As above, I can't prove that forrest is the problem, but a pure
Python solution might just halve the unknowns.




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