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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Infrastructure Conclusions(?)
Date Fri, 20 Feb 2004 08:19:05 GMT
So let me summarize what I sense as result so far:

Source Control

We'll stick with CVS for now and keep our open for all committers
policy.  Rename jakarta-gump to gump.

We may talk about separating code and metadata as well as migrationg
to svn later.

Mailing Lists

Ask for the creation of with the initial

       * Adam Jack <>
       * Davanum Srinivas <>
       * Leo Simons <>
       * Martin van den Bemt <>       
       * Nick Chalko <>
       * Nicola Ken Barozzi <>
       * Scott Sanders <> 
       * Stefan Bodewig <>
       * Stefano Mazzocchi <>

subscription moderated, moderators would be me and Adam (is that OK
with you, Adam?)

Since we don't have any official announcement of the board decision
yet, I simply assume that there haven't been any changes to the PMC
list we proposed.

Ask for - the list should be the same as (all subscribers transfered, same moderators,
archives being carried over, old address forwards to the new for some

I originally proposed dev@gump but think Leo is right.  Still no
strong opinion though.

We can talk about a separate commits list if traffic becomes too big.


Ask for the virtual host and a new Unix group gump
with the members identical to the current PMC.  /www/
owned by group gump.

ProxyPass content from moof once there is some content, details can be
hashed out later.


We can create one ourselves.  After all Leo is the Wiki master and at
least the five ASF members on this PMC are in the apsite group as

Unless there are any objections I'd take this to infrastructure
Tuesday evening.  If consensus is obvious before that, feel free to go
ahead (I'll be offline myself).


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