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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Nightly builds, Gump, Maven and repository issues.
Date Mon, 02 Feb 2004 10:02:37 GMT
On Fri, 30 Jan 2004, Mark R. Diggory <>

> The best example I can give of developer requirements this scenario
> is the following:

I think I understood that when I responded - and I think you
understood what Gump did 8-)

> The way I have it configured, I do all my development against either
> "dated version snapshot builds" that are archived in the maven
> repository.[snip] or actual released versions when cutting a
> release:

In Gump's case the "dated version snapshot builds" are less controlled
- and this is where I expect problems to come up.
commons-collections-20040102 is compiled against commons-lang-20040102
and may not work with commons-lang-2.0 at all.  This is a completely
fictuos example.

> Currently the production of these dated builds is not automated. Its
> up to each project to release snapshots into the maven repository.

I'm all for coordinating this.

And as I already said, Gump can publish the created jars right now,
it's all a matter of how we get them from say the machine
(or a future into the directory layout you envision.

> 1.) In a daily build process for maven projects, we'ed want either
> Maven or the Ant build.xml that can be generated by maven to get
> called

you don't want to rule out projects that build with vanilla Ant, do
you ;-)

For all projects that build successfully in Gump except for
bootstrap-ant you can assume that they have a working build.xml that
creates the jars.  Which targets Gump executes is completely under
control of the project - or whoever takes care of the metadata
describing it.

> This way the artifacts would be comperable for a project across the
> various build processes.

This is nothing Gump can enforce.  Traditionally Gump has been picking
up the build files as they are, injected properties to its liking and
tried to figure out which target to invoke.  I don't think you'll ever
get all projects built by Gump to follow any target name convention at


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