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From Antoine Lévy-Lambert <>
Subject various gump remarks/problems
Date Mon, 23 Feb 2004 23:25:58 GMT
1) running gumpy under cygwin :
is actually difficult, maybe not something to pursue.
The reason : gumpy starts ant with classpaths and various properties 
pointing to files/or directories
in cygwin format. ant is in Java and does not know anything about 
cygwin, so it does not work

2) running gumpy under DOS, with cygwin utilities
I have tried this one.

It requires to hack and, so that the following 
commands :
get passed file or directory arguments reconverted back to cygwin format 
with the cygpath utility.

This works OK.

*As Adam wrote already, the best (and real) solution is to replace all 
these system calls by pure python code.*

I was wondering whether cat is used in for something else than 
checking for the existence & readability of a file.

Is not this a 2 liner in python ?

cp and sync could probably also be replaced by pure python code

this page gives idea of functions which could be used.

3)  problem with Documenter
When I tried my run yesterday, after I had fixed my problems with the 
shell utilities, my ant builds starting being successful
(also in the first place because I added the *name* attribute in my 
workspace defnition.)

But gumpy was seeming to hang in Documenter, and to consume a lot of CPU.
I am not sure, whether it is the fault of gumpy or of forrest.

Does one need to set ANT_OPTS to a high memory value in local-env-py ....



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