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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: Peas and Carrots
Date Wed, 18 Feb 2004 23:08:01 GMT
Adam Jack wrote:

> Stefano wrote:
>>the people at planet apache people (myself included) were concerned
>>about the de-humanity of bots in a place for people.. but this is
>>people-generated for people consumption so it fits right in, IMO.
> I recall there also being a bunch of folks who didn't want Planet Apache to
> be about Apache stuff, so much as Apache people. 

Gump is about injected social interaction after all. When Ted is telling 
me what new scripting technique he's working on, the difference between 
apache stuff and apache people blurs massively.

If we start sending news about new software releases then I'm sure that 
people will start complaining, because that's not a social thing, but if 
we say how much ass we saved by making velocity know that jdom removed a 
deprecated method before either one of them made a release, well, that's 
the kind of signal that people want to know about social interaction.

True, it's software related, but so many things are around this apache 
planet :-)

> I have seen some folks blog
> about Apache software releases (on their personal blogs), but this is going
> one step further (yet again). This would be a purely Apache (and/or wider
> community) content blog, nothing personal.
> I suspect most of what raised the ire of folks before was the spam-like
> batches of mutliple postings that Gump puts out, and this blog would not be
> so verbose (not even close). 


> It might be easy enough for folks to overlook,
> should they not want that sort of content. That said, it is pushing the
> boundaries of Planet Apache again, and may not be deemed appropriate.
> Clearly, Gump may not be in a good position to be granted leighway given the
> history.
> Given my role in upsetting folks the first time, I'm just playing devil's
> advocate...

The gump noisyness is topic for a post that is coming up very soon, but 
it's not related to this.


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