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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: Gump Icon/Slogan
Date Tue, 10 Feb 2004 17:53:56 GMT
Adam R. B. Jack wrote:
> Nicola and I were chatting about "awareness", getting credit where due, and
> enabling pride of involvement. It got us thinking about a Gump icon, like:

Besides, Gump's logo is really bad. Sam designed it and well, I could 
deal with it but we need to find a better one.

If we get top level, what do you guys think about a logo/skin contest?

> but with some content like:
>     Gumped for health    [healthy relationships]
>     Gumped for consistency
>     Gumped for compatability
>     Friend of Gump


I love it!!

>     Gump compatible
>     Actively Gumped
>     Socially Gumped
>     Gump Gregarious
>     ... and/or other such randomness...
> A little further out (perhaps when we have we could have
> the folks link this to their results on Gump. Until then, they could link to
> Gump's site, which ought link to current servers.
> Do folks have ideas for such a slogan? I think we need to convey the concept
> of Gump, the benefit of actively Gumping, in as few words/syllables as
> possible.

I like Friend of Gump for two reasons:

  1) it can be used as a fancy acronim FoG :-)
  2) I'm planning to work extensively in finding a metric that really 
tells how gump-friendly your project is.... so, you might be able to get 
a FoG logo when you have, say, more than 10 FoG points.

I think this would be very cool.


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